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Finally Grateful for Super Walmart

December 28, 2011

I’m sick.

I’m tired.

And I’m just recently  back from the new super walmart less than two miles from my “country” home, and let me just say, I am so glad it is there. Because I am sick. And I am tired.

And now the cough will be temporarily suppressed in a town that a few months ago would have had me wait until morning to pick up some OTC stuff.

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  1. You’re really having a time of these holiday germs, aren’t you? I’m sorry you’re still sick.

    Are you surprised to finally be greatful for Walmart? I certainly have mixed feelings for the place myself, but those late-night trips are so helpful.

  2. yeah, i’ve got some moral issues with walmart. lol. so, i am a little surprised.

    and i have been sickly this winter. i bet i stressed myself out, and made me susceptible to the germie goomies! this time it might take a trip to the doc… BOO!!

    • I understand about Walmart.
      You’re probably right about the stress wearing you down. Go easy on yourself, girl!

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