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The Gradual Regroup

December 12, 2011

Life is moving forward. I feel more grounded. My meds seem to be doing what they are meant to do. I’m more even keel. Can now feel emotion without drowning in them. And oddly, I am suddenly ambitious. Honestly, I haven’t felt a lot of ambition in some time. I don’t know the reasons why. I just know I suddenly feel like chasing stuff. And things.

The first round of repair work in with classes. In one class, I am receiving an academic withdrawal. That means I’ll be taking the class over again, but it is as if this semester didn’t happen. It won’t count against my GPA. Honestly, this is my preference. I need to take the class again without the chaos of my mind cracking. In another class, with only two weeks left, the professor agreed to give me the grade I was making. It’s a 98. And finally, my 3rd class… I will be receiving the 3rd incomplete the professor has ever given out in her 20 years of teaching. I’ll have a semester to complete the remaining work. I asked for an academic withdrawal in her class as well, but she told me I was on pace to make an “A”, and would like me to consider the incomplete instead. I did. So, really, I will only be losing one class this semester. And I’ll have a full semester to change the incomplete to a legitimate grade. Not too shabby for a complete meltdown.

That’s all I have done. Just navigating professors and deans in hopes to get my education back on track. And just writing about it has be exhausted.

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  1. Phew, glad the teachers are working with you for the most part! Glad you’re back, and glad everything is settling down 🙂

  2. I’m so glad the teachers are working with you! YAY!
    We’re still praying for you. 🙂

  3. Karen permalink

    Oh good! I would hate to think you would lose so much hard work. I’m glad that teacher convinced you to take an incomplete instead of withdrawal, and that the other teacher let you take the mark you’ve got. It all makes it easier on you to keep up with your education.

  4. so glad the teachers are working with you – so nice – especially with all the work you’ve put in. You’re still in our prayers!

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