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Soup Saturday

November 2, 2011

So, like the rest of ‘Merica, we’ve decided we should re-examine budgeting. And, like… you know, actually create a budget. Heh. We’re looking at all of our bills, cutting where we can, downgrading if we can’t cut, taking lunches to work/class, getting creative in bringing in extra income, and limiting our nights out for dinner. (Which, has really been far more than we can rationally justify except for its all out convenience.)

And that’s how Soup Saturday came up. I don’t mind soup. In fact, I like soup. But usually, it’s salt content is a wee bit more than my blood pressure can handle, and so I forego soup a lot. Since I’m getting pretty handy in the kitchen, I’ve decided I can make my own soups. Low salt soups, even. And then I can eat them without triggering a heart attack or something of the sort. So every Saturday, beginning this coming Saturday, I will be dawning my apron (note to self, get apron), and striking out to make 2 types of soup. One with celery at times, and one without. Because soup-snobby-britches over here doesn’t think celery belongs in soup. The rest of us know that is just not true!

So, if anyone has awesome soup recipes, that can still be awesome in a low-sodium form… I’m all ears. Well, not all ears. I can’t stir soup with just ears, you know.

From → The Food Monkey

  1. I have soup recipes! I love soup especially in the fall 🙂 As soon as September hits I proclaim soup season 🙂 On my blog I have a stew and a white chicken chili recipe on my “what’s for dinner page” and I can give you recipes for a really yummy corn chowder (it has ham though – but as long as you don’t add extra salt it shouldn’t be too bad), and a bunch of others. Just let me know what you like. 😀

  2. well, i’m looking for anything and everything really! tomato based soups, veggie broth based, chicken broth based… maybe even beef broth. i like veggies, barley, brown rice, wheat pastas, etc. i might not be so into the corn chowder unless you want to rename it. i don’t know why but i don’t like chowders. i think it’s just the name, though. lol

  3. lol You could just call it corny potato soup 😀 I’ll go through my recipes and gather some of my favorites.

  4. Karen permalink

    Well, you can start with recipes, but once you’ve done it a few times, soup is just throwing whatever you have into the pot and letting it cook. Beware of bay leaves, though. Too many can sort of ruin the flavour.

  5. i’ll keep that in mind, Karen. i suspected with time soup just became a catch all.

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