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Occupy Tulsa: Watching arrests

November 2, 2011

I can’t help but think this is an epic waste of taxpayer money. And I’m starting to wonder if the police aren’t making the arrests to bring greater attention to the protests nationwide with purpose. I mean, it is possible, perhaps even plausible, the police recognize they are as screwed as anyone.

Last night they used pepper spray. The arrests are going much more smoothly tonight. I saw no reason for pepper spray last night; there were things, however, that bothered me about the protestors. They were antagonistic. Calling the police names. Cutting them down and making them the enemy. To be honest, I lost a little bit of interest based on their attitude.

I’m guessing other group leaders, and in fact, I know other group leaders from other cities encouraged Occupy Tulsa to take a different tone. To engage the officers. To be respectful. Ask questions. Make them laugh. Minus the laughter, I am seeing a more respectful tone tonight, and it increases my interest again.

I have followed these protests before they were actually in motion. When it was just talk. A blip. A few willing to look like fools. I felt it would be in vain. I felt it would be short lived. I was wrong.

I think it’s encouraging bravery where cowards have been sitting. Like the Senate for example, who finally has 6 fine members willing to challenge one of the stupidest Supreme Court decisions ever made… that corporations are to be recognized as people. I am not sure there would be any challenge if American voices were not demanding some sort of rationale when dealing with its laws. Maybe fools will lead. And maybe we will find they weren’t fools after all.

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  1. Karen permalink

    What about Oakland? Do you know what happened there? I mean, everyone knows the media version(s) of what happened, but do you know anything about how or why the confrontation there happened? Or do you only know about your local scene?

  2. which confrontation? when the veteran got nailed in the face? a more recent round? i try to keep up with several. i watch different cities as i can. the main reason i watched the tulsa one last night was because it’s kind of new here. i check in to see as it grows, if it grows. they had some people from OKC come in last night, and personally, i think it really helped the tone. and even though i said earlier that people were taunting, i do not believe that is justification for pepper spray, rubber bullets, etc. some within occupytulsa sent out a message last night saying, the cops are here… so, i found link to live footage (not news footage, but of an actual protestor and watched)

    if, however, you are referring to the mayhem of fires in the streets, spray painting buildings, etc… i will say this. it doesn’t matter to me if they were true “ows” members, hired thugs, OR people just being jerks, there is no room for that stuff. now with this large of a group, i don’t know how you would impress that upon the small percent who wants to create havoc, but the facts are hearts and minds will be lost if the impression left is that OWS has turned into a violent movement. i’m open to hearing anything you know… as i have catching up to do, clearly.

    p.s. i rarely follow traditional media. i prefer the boots on the ground.

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